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Become a Provider

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Fund your dreams as an ORDA provider

Why you’ll love becoming a provider

Earn extra income

From paying school fees to going on holiday, use the extra income to fund your dreams.


Get tips and tools from professional chefs and other caterers just like you around the country.


You set your price and decide when you want to make food and how often.

How Being a Provider Works:


Sign Up to Provide Food

  • Fill out the form: simple information about you and your kitchen.
  • Have an interview with our team: we can meet in person or have an interview online.
  • Once you are deemed a provider by the ORDA team, the process for your kitchen review will start.

Upload your Food Menus

  • Create a profile: take a picture of yourself and choose an attractive nickname or use your business name
  • Upload Menu ideas for free: prepare meals that you will like to offer, take pictures of them and upload them to specific days you want to provide.
  • Choose your price: decide how much you want to earn per meal. We give guidelines and a costing worksheet to help.

Get Orders and Deliver

  • Orders come in: consumers will start to order your menu. You'll know for who and how many to make. 
  • Delivery: our trained delivery boys will pickup from your kitchen and deliver to the consumers address. You are paid a lump sum amount once a week. 
  • ORDA adds on a 20% handling fee to consumers. 
  • Delivery boys make R25 per delivery.

You want to become a provider? Please fill up below form

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We’ve got your back

R10’000’000 provider cover: this cover protects you against any child that may get ill from eating your meals. Every provider gets this cover and there is no extra cost or sign up.

Community Trust: this is a school sharing platform. We verify that each and every provider and consumer are real and existing people.

So much more than money: yes you’ll make extra cash.  And feel at home with the country wide support of other providers.

How we choose providers:

Providers have to already be a part of a local community. This means that they must be a Chef, experienced cook, or catering company.

We have a process that ensures only eligible people will provide meals. First is an interview with the potential provider. This questionnaire is constantly updated and reviewed by chefs and dieticians.

Once we come to a conclusion that the person/business is suited to provide meals to consumers, there are congratulations and we move over to the next step.

The health department will now contact the provider and set up a time and date to inspect the kitchen where their meals will be prepared. This step is the same as for every other restaurant or kitchen that wishes to make and serve food stuffs in South Africa. If you already have a COA then you skip this step.

Once the health department has been through to inspect the kitchen of the prospective providers, they will be issued their Certificate of Acceptability (COA). This will then by law allow the home-based chefs to make and sell foodstuffs hygienically and legally.

From here on, providers are not restricted in what to serve. The only requirement orda has is that meals are “made with love”

Think you got what it takes?